Winter Solstice & Honoring Yin ~ The Feminine Principle

5 years ago, I dedicated 2012 to building my relationship with and understanding of the Feminine Principle. In that year as I traveled with my partner, I studied and spent time with the works of spiritual teachers that deeply honor the feminine principles, such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Jesus the Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda, Eckhart Tolle, Mahatma Gandhi, Byron Katie, Ramana Maharshi and the Tao te Ching (one of my primary spiritual texts, dedicated to yin/feminine priciple). I also spent 2 months at Amma’s ashram in India, a county of people who have immense reverence for the feminine. On Winter Solstice at the end of the year I offered a workshop on the Divine Feminine. It was incredible to look back on how much my understanding and relating to the feminine both inside and outside of me grew. What I learned is the abandonment of reverence, honor and worship of the feminine principle is actually an act of self abandonment and a disconnect with Nature.

I shared with a woman who does healing work around sexuality with women and couples that I lead a workshop on the Divine Feminine. She laughed. This not only hurt my feelings, it showed me that she was mistaking women for the feminine. Unfortunately, this perspective polarizes people and ends up creating more separation than connection. The narcissism that sometimes comes out of goddess culturedoes not look like balanced feminine, any more than overly soft men in this culture look like balanced masculine. For me honoring the feminine starts with honoring my body and the planet, and then moves into the realm of human relationship.

I understand that privilege has causes immense suffering for many, and nowhere is it more demonstrated that with white men.  I also recognize that to strongly identify as a gender orrace is what keeps us separate and in my experience, as well as the wisdom of my teachers, is the true cause of suffering.

Divinity is the power to create life, and life only happens in the present moment. I honor the trauma that each and every one of you has experienced, and I invite you to let it be, by joining me in the now as you . . . breathe in . . . and breathe out.

One thought on “Winter Solstice & Honoring Yin ~ The Feminine Principle

  1. In response to this blog, I had a student share with me the following…

    “I had the most amazing experience of feeling the discomfort of the men, their pain, the pain of the masculine unmet/unrecognized by the feminine. In the moments this part of the workshop happened, I felt centuries of men dying on battlefields, being externally  stoic in all sorts of situations but so afraid inside, being the man, in charge, in pain. I was so moved I wept – and then there was a peace. I now understand that peace came from the masculine in me recognizing the masculine AND the feminine in the men, and allowing the feminine to be seen – it created the container for the experience. That one experience viscerally changed my experience of the male . . . after the experience I had that day I know in my bones, because I was shown, no one has escaped patriarchy unscathed, even the most powerful, perhaps especially the most powerful – all the animate world has suffered.  We can’t create the necessary balance by shaming the masculine and misunderstanding the feminine and turning her into a warped matriarchy/patriarchy power principle. I don’t think we have that much time.”

    The patriarchal system we live in causes EVERYONE to suffer. Thank you for being a part of the solution!

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