Private Yoga


Private classes with James can be arranged for both group and individual practices, and are designed to accommodate personal needs. This allows students to deeply explore their body and practice, while working on specific areas, postures, or techniques. It also creates space to modify for limitations and assist injuries, while students develop their personal practice.

Classes generally consist of:

  • Pranayama, or focus on breath, to bring energy, balance, and calmness to the body and mind
  • Exploring poses from the ground up in an anatomy oriented hatha yoga practice, that accommodate interests, injuries, athletic pursuits and other needs
  • Analyzing compression points with yin yoga, to understand when tension, soft tissue stretching, verses compression, tissue and/or bone colliding, is limiting the range of motion
  • Adjusting and assisting that supports students going into their fullest expression of a posture while relaxing and releasing unnecessary strain
  • Deep relaxation, savasana and meditation, to reduce stress, assimilate practice, and self reflect

James has worked with children, seniors, injured athletes and individuals with severe physical and emotional challenges. He is dedicated to supporting students in the development of a safe and effective yoga practice that suits their personal needs.

Private 1-on-1 Practice:

75 minutes: $129

90 minutes: $150

120 minutes: $186


For private sessions, group rates or more details, contact James:
(916) 790-2736