Virtual Partner Yin & Thai Massage

This Valentine’s Day, share the practice of giving and receiving Yin Thai Massage with a beloved!

This somatic-based Partner Yin and Thai Massage offering will explore breath, movement, sound and touch as in-roads to connection, while enriching your toolbox of ways to care for another.

  • Cultivate a deeper awareness and trust by seeing and supporting the wholeness in one another.
  • Learn simple techniques to nurture your body and the other beings in your life.
  • Listen to your intuitive knowing of how to touch another in a way that is both effective and compassionate.

This offering is intended for any two people interested in spending time together to breathe, move, share touch and connection. Gift yourself time to practice giving and receiving, and deepen your gratitude for this person in your life.

Sliding Scale: $60 – $100
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